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he hands-free Akord makes disposing of adult-sized briefs, pads and other incontinence items, as well as baby's nappies both simple and hygienic.


Padded Toilet Training Seat Cushioned for comfort Contoured for safety Deep rim for stability Hygienic Lifting Handle Fits all toilet seats Contoured seat with built-in deflector shield Includes Storage Hook to hang seat when not in use


Bag Liners are Strong, Eco- and Budget-Friendly and Easy-to-Use Sturdy and stretch-resistant, Korbell’s powder-scented liners will securely hold your dirty nappies without breaking, tearing or falling apart.


Bag Liners are Strong, Eco- and Budget-Friendly and Easy-to-Use


DEKOR PLUS-MAXI BIN incl 1 refill, holds up to 800 units rrp $239.85 our price $212.90


Purchase 1Pack 4Pack 8Pack


Korbell Disposal unit (Maxi) refills only $18.10each.for 3 pack deal


Purchase 3 or more MAXI refills and pay only $18.10 each.total $54.30 for 3 pack or $15.75 each for 12 pack $189 Total


Purchase 1Pack 4Pack 8Pack


Purchase 1Pack 4Pack 8Pack


NEW NEW Sangenic MAXI Bin


XLARGE Purchase 1Pack 5Pack 10Pack


Sturdy and stretch-resistant, Akord bag liners are designed to securely hold your garbage without breaking, tearing or falling apart.


Purchase 1Pack 4Pack 8Pack


Moltex Premature Nappies


Premium Comfort Nappies Jumbo Carton


Purchase a standard carton (6 packets).


Purchase a Jumbo carton.


Sangenic Nappy Wrapper + Refills


The Nappy Store Starter Pack $98.85 with FREE DELIVERY


Premium Comfort Nappies Standard Carton


Purchase 1Pack 4Pack 8Pack

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